Recently Beyoncé posted an Instagram photo of herself dressed in an amazing romper (panel #1), and I immediately had to find out who designed it. After scrolling through about a half a billion comments on her photo, I came across the name of the Brooklyn based designer who had the luxury of having Beyoncé wear his pieces.

Meet Reuben Reuel, a 28-year-old designer with an amazing shop on Etsy called Demestiks New York. Reuel’s line includes Dutch wax prints and African prints. And they are to die for!


In an interview with The Cut, Reuel explains how he got started by making pieces for the women in his Virginia Beach church.

From The Cut:

How did Beyoncé discover you?
I mean, what am I doing with Beyoncé wearing my clothes right now? [Laughs.] Well, my first celebrity was, believe it or not, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. She was doing Fela! at the time and wanted to incorporate the African print in a stylish way when she did interviews. For the longest [time], everyone was telling me, “You should dress Solange; she lives in Brooklyn.” But it ended up coming from Beyoncé. A friend of mine is one of Beyoncé’s stylists and told me she wanted to pull some things for her. But you never know if the celebrity will ever wear it. When I found out she did and posted it online, I was driving and my friend in the car was checking Instagram and told me. I screamed and nearly got in a car accident.

When did you first feel the urge to design clothing?
I guess you could say I was 5 or 6 years old. I gave my mother and sister tips on what to wear. I’d help them pick their clothes out. And then I took a Home Economics class in middle school and that’s when I really learned about sewing. I guess I always had the eye.

What made you want to start your own line?
I wanted to make clothes that were comfortable for women of all sizes that aren’t necessarily readily available. As you know, Virginia does not have a lot of toothpicks walking around. I decided to offer the clothes in XS to 4X. Whatever I designed had to look great on a woman who wore XS or 4X.

And how did Dutch wax prints enter the picture?
I began using them when a client requested it. A lot of people use them now. So I’m going to potentially transition into other fabrics. I don’t want to just be the African-print guy. For me, it’s about finding unique fabrics in the garment district. It’s not just about the wax print.

For those wondering if he’ll stop selling his items on Etsy now that Beyoncé is a client, don’t worry, he doesn’t plan on closing shop!

Visit his site at: www.etsy.com/shop/DemestiksNewYork



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