Another day brings yet another disturbing development in the ongoing turmoil in Ferguson, MO, surrounding the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer. According to the New York Times, an autopsy report concludes that Brown was shot at least six times, revealing that the bullets struck him in the head, torso and arms.  The autopsy report also confirms that all six shots entered the front of his body, putting to rest any speculation that Brown may have been running at the time he was shot and killed.

Further details reveal that Brown was shot at least three times in the face. Dr. Michael M. Baden, New York’s former chief medical examiner who performed the autopsy at the family’s request, described a gunshot wound he located at the top of Brown’s skull as “suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury.”

Despite not being permitted to inspect Brown’s clothing, Dr. Baden was also able to confirm that there was no gunpowder on Brown’s body, implying that Brown was not shot at close range.  Although many were rightfully outraged to discover that Brown did not receive medical attention after being shot, Dr. Baden concludes that Brown still would’ve likely succumbed to his injuries.

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  • shybookworm

    If Michael was shot 6 times and all on one side, that means the police officer wasn’t struggling with him. Look at that pattern–it’s symmetrical and methodical. It’s not all over the place. This means this was an execution, plain and simple. If you’re struggling with someone or the person is charging at you, you’re just going to be shooting anywhere to get the person to stop moving. It’s not going to be all nice and neat like the way it is here. Can’t wait to see what the Feds dig up on their autopsy. I have a feeling this po-po is going to jail.

    • ALM247

      If he goes to jail, it will only be because the public in Ferguson has been very vocal. Things like this happen all the time, and the guilty parties do not go to jail. It is already being reported that they want to consult a grand jury before charging Wilson.

      Wilson is probably on a plane on his way to Tahiti as we type on this blog.

  • Primmest Plum

    Three times… in the face. Just…
    There’s no way you can cleanly shoot a person three times in the face during a “struggle”.

  • ALM247

    Dr. Baden made some critical revelations during his time at the podium.

    He stated that Brown did not have any gun power residue on his body, so he was not shot at very close range.

    He also admitted that Brown could have very well survived all of the gun shots except for the head wounds.

    Six shots is just ridiculous. Wilson was trying to kill Brown. He wants not trying to subdue him.

  • Mary Burrell

    Fear drove this rouge officer to execute this young man. His rage and fear of black men drove him to murder this young man.