On the heels of police brutality and the anger raging in America, there is a documentary coming to a theater near you that promises to reveal the truth “they don’t want you to hear about white people.”

The documentary entitled “Spanish Lake” will focus on what filmmaker Philip Morton describes as “white flight,” the migration of whites due to the influx of minority residents. Morton, who also directs the film, muse over the changes that occurred in his hometown Spanish Lake, Missouri, an unincorporated city made up of primarily middle to lower class—at that time—white families.

According to the film’s site, “the themes of the film parallel America’s political divide, underlying racism and rise of anti-government sentiment.” The documentary, which has been years in the making, includes interviews from past and current residents of Spanish Lake as well as a pioneering U.S. Supreme Court case from 1971, spearheaded by then Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, George Romney.

During the one-minute and 45-seconds long trailer you can feel the tension between the whites and increasing number of Black residents. Twenty seconds into the trailer, a white middle-age man discusses a well-known cliché in Spanish Lake: “I don’t have a problem with Black people its Niggers.”

The film continues to shed light on the blatant racism with a white middle-age woman candidly saying, “The neighbors started out making a promise that you wouldn’t sell to any Blacks, but then they started selling to them.”

Currently, Morton is on a tour screening the film in different cities across America. The next screening is in Dallas on Aug. 28. Most recently, a local theater in St. Louis County has discontinued plans for an upcoming screening due to the recent developments surrounding Ferguson, which is roughly 15 minutes away, and the death of Mike Brown.

Check out the trailer below.

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  • I must say it’s the media who propagates this kind of crap!!! White folks are so tired of having the slavery crap shoved down our throats and that we think we are so superior to others!! I didn’t do any of the slavery crap?? I’m tired of not being able to be as proud of being white just like the blacks with their Martin Luther King and their Malcom X and the black panthers!! I worked for where I am today no other person or government gives me free anything and I don’t have someone paving the way for me to get a better job because of my color. Just move on!! No one owes anyone a living made off others backs. Stand up on your own!!!!

    • Juanita

      lol That was cute.

    • mvj

      So what are you trying to say? That black people live off of the government and get everything for free? Read the statistics honey. The majority of people on welfare are white Americans. Get it right.