On the heels of Eric Garner’s murder at the hands of the NYPD, another act of police brutality by the hands of the gang in blue is now the subject of an investigation.  On July 13, the NYPD was caught on film dragging a half-naked Brooklyn, N.Y., woman into the hall after responding to a domestic disturbance call, the New York Daily News reports.

According to reports, Denise Stewart, 48, was in her apartment when the NYPD knocked on her door in response to a call about a domestic disturbance.

Allegedly, officers heard shouting coming from the apartment, but when they knocked on Stewart’s door she told them they had the wrong place and tried to shut the door.  Dressed in only a towel and underpants, Stewart was dragged out of her apartment.

Someone caught the incident as it unfolded on their cell phone camera, the report says, “while several others struggle to subdue and cuff the nearly naked woman in the hallway outside,” said the NY Daily News.

According to the NYPD, the incident is now under investigation by Internal Affairs.

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