Just about every black girl rocked two Afro puffs, one on each side, in her sidewalk chalk/hopscotch days. The classic hairstyle is a go-to among black moms when styling their daughters’ hair because it’s quick, easy, and simply adorable. We’re seeing more and more naturalistas re-rock the ‘do of their little girlhood, this time as one big glorious puff instead of two. When I first tried to recreate the look, I found my kinky-curly hair to be way too thick. The elastic bands other naturalistas used would get lost and tangled in my mane, and there wasn’t enough stretch for all my hair. The forced fit would leave me with a headache after about two hours, and I could tell the elastic was putting too much stress on my hair and edges. To better accommodate my massive ‘fro, I tried a satin scarf one day and haven’t looked back since. I was able to create the perfect Afro puff with no headache and no stressed edges. If you have really thick hair, you may want to try it out too. All you’ll need is:


-a big satin scarf

-leave-in or moisture product

-edge define (optional)

-a brush

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  • Mary Burrell

    Simply adorable. Channel “Thelma” from Good Times. Afro Puffs are just too cute.

  • Great Advice. I am happy about stories like these, because it is so important to promote the natural beauty of black people.

  • Noirluv45

    I’m echo everyone’s sentiment. Afro puffs have always been so cute. They should never go out of style.

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