Everyone has an opinion on the Israel and Gaza conflict that has been escalating over the past several months. Amid short lived cease fires, thousands of innocent victims have died, and continue to die on a daily basis.  Although this conflict as has been going on for decades, the debate rages on as to who caused it and who should end it.

A lot of black people feel that the war isn’t any of their business, but others stand strong in solidarity with Palestine.

Clutchettes, we want to hear from you!  Share your opinions about the conflict. Whether you’re #freepalestine or #israel.

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  • yoda

    It’s sad but doesn’t really affect black people

  • Aiych

    I used to be overzealously pro-Palestinian back when I was naive and had a “POC must all join together to fight the white power” mindset. That is long gone, and while I acknowledge when an injustice is happening, I pick my battles wisely. I know what Israel is doing in Gaza is wrong, but I’m not pressed. However, America’s unwavering support of Israel is kind of annoying. As a US citizen, it’s like having a deranged relative that embarrasses you in front of everyone but they don’t care.

  • stephen

    i made a point earlier this week, when this topic was discussed on MHP. Did you ever notice how oppressed people are blamed for their victimization by the people in power .
    It was trayvon fault, its was Eric garner fault , Renisha McBride fault, its is the Palestinian women and children fault.

    and for those saying it doesn’t impact black people in america , it absolutely does because 3 BILLION is given in aid and arms each year to isreal. More money is given to isreal then the whole continent of Africa . money that is given to them while money for school, hospitals, and services are cut from your communities and your people are cut .

    • Penti

      Stephen, you are so right about how it affects black people! I say this to someone everyday. Billions to others from our tax dollars and peanuts for us. This is disgusting.