A couple of months ago I attended a screening for Robin Williams’ film “Angriest Man In Brooklyn”. In his infamous use of comedy and dark drama, Williams once again proved why he’s been one of my favorite actors since his days on Mork and Mindy.

Yesterday, as I heard news of his death, I quickly went to look at childhood photos in which I wore my “Mork” suspenders. I wore those suspenders until they pretty much disintegrated. I was Mork. Robin Williams was someone who I looked up to. Not only for his acting and comedy talents, but because he dealt publicly with his mental health issues.

My all time favorite Williams movie is “What Dreams May Come”. Not only does it deal with suicide, but also the grief that comes a long with it. The first time I watched it, it resonated so deeply with things that were going on in my own life. The movie, although not a blockbuster, is still a masterpiece in my eyes.

The world lost a special person.

Clutchettes, what is your favorite Robin Williams movie?

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