RelationshipsMaintaining harmony in a relationship is not an easy job. Insert the opinions of others and you will have a difficult task at hand. What if those opinions are not positive? How do you manage the relationship rift? The relationship rift is the division between your partner and your support system. Whether it’s your family or your close gals, balancing the clash will not only be strenuous on you, but also your spouse. It can, if taken too far, lead to the demise of your bond. First, you have to determine where you are in your life and where you would like to see the relationship go. If you have a close connection with your family, the tension between your significant other and your folks requires a conversation. You have to be strong. You cannot allow your companion to be ridiculed and disrespected. Take Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker for example. For those of you familiar with Real Housewives of Atlanta, audience members observed how Mama Joyce created an antagonistic environment, which nearly hindered the couple from saying “I do.” Once the 37-year-old singer-songwriter was made aware of the ongoing disrespect, she should have acknowledged her mother’s wrongdoing and had a stern talk with her. It should not have spiraled out of control the way it did. A line of respect must be established early on, which is what Kandi failed to do. Following the conversation between your family and/or friends, you and your partner must put everything on the table. Communication, as we all know, is essential. You should always know how your significant other feels and vice versa. Bracing one another for trials ahead will lead to less nerve-wrecking conditions. In a relationship your partner is your teammate, you must cling to one another during each challenge that arise. Whether you’re religious or not the Bible has a great quote that reads, “Therefor a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.” If you present a united front, people will have no choice but to back off. To the family and/or friends who find it necessary to express unwarranted opinions, if your loved one is not being physically harmed or mentally controlled the relationship is not any of your business.

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