According to a new study released by Media Matters, New York City television stations disproportionately cover crimes committed by black people. Media Matters used data from the NYPD and found that while black suspects had been arrested in 54 percent of murders, 55 percent of thefts and 49 percent of assaults, the local news station covered crimes that were predominantly committed by black people.

The report noted that stations  covered murders of which 68 percent of the suspects were African-American, 80 percent of the suspects of thefts were African-American, and 72 percent of the suspects of assaults were African-American.


From Media Matters:

Media Matters watched the late-night news on WCBS, WNBC, and WABC (airing at 11 p.m.) and WNYW (airing at 10 p.m.) during weeknights from May 26 until August 15. Media Matters recorded the race, if it could be determined, of suspects who were reported to be connected to crimes committed in New York City’s five boroughs. Any story about a crime committed outside of the city limits was excluded. The race of the suspect was recorded only if it could be determined from a picture shown on the air or if the suspect’s race was explicitly mentioned in the report. Any suspect whose race could not be determined was not included.

So basically NYC news stations purposefully omit crimes committed by non-blacks.  Way to go mainstream media!


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  • Anthony

    This makes sense. It is not unlike store detectives looking only for black shoplifters, thereby missing anyone not black who is stealing. Focusing on black crime fits their preconceived notions of what crime “should” look like.

  • Don’t Sleep

    Sure. That is a foregone conclusion. Notice the article says “suspects.” They don’t even look for white people committing those crimes. That’s why white people get away with the crimes more often than not, and Black people are charged simply because of the color of their skin, whether they “look” like a criminal or not. Cops stopped my daughter one time, claiming that her car, a Nissan Maxima, fit the description of a car involved in a bank robbery. She was eating a McDonald Big Mac.