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In hopes to prevent another Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and countless others from occurring, Russell Simmon’s Global Grind has partnered with Voto Latino launching United We Win.

Voto Latino is a nonpartisan organization that inspires Latino millennials to demand a better future for themselves and their community. The organization firmly believes Latino issues are American issues and vice versa. Voto Latino is devoted to bringing new and diverse voices to develop leaders by connecting youth, media, technology and celebrities to promote positive change.

With the assistance of community leaders such as Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO of PolicyLink, United We Win strive to create long-term conversations between the Latino and African-American communities, who are excessively profiled and share a core of common issues but rarely speak together with a unified voice to promote change.

This is not the first time both organizations have worked together as United We Stand. Four years ago, United We Stand registered more than 10,000 voters as a result of the injustice of Arizona’s racial-profiling law (SB 1070).

The website also sheds light on why voting could have prevented the death of Mike Brown. It says:

“Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, where in the last municipal election, only 6% of the voting population was African-American, despite blacks comprising 67% of Ferguson’s total population. This incident highlights the importance of voting in local elections to select leaders who represent the community’s voice. The midterm election this November presents an opportunity for communities across America to make a change at the polls.”

Ultimately, United We Win hopes to encourage the Black and Latino communities to register to vote. To see change, it starts by selecting representatives who will create change.

Join the movement at UnitedWeWin.us.

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