Katy Perry is getting on my last nerve. I don’t know what she’s trying to prove, or why she thinks this sh*t is cute.  In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the magazine brought up the fact that cultural appropriation is quite offensive. But Perry, being her usual “I don’t care” self, basically blew off the suggestion.

“I guess I’ll just stick to baseball and hot dogs, and that’s it,” she told the magazine. “I know that’s a quote that’s gonna come to f–k me in the ass, but can’t you appreciate a culture? I guess, like, everybody has to stay in their lane? I don’t know.”

Yes, chick. Stay in your lane, especially if you can’t understand the difference between appreciation and appropriation.  But it’s obvious that she doesn’t care, because then this happened:

I give up on this chick.  It’s not even funny any more. And it’s a shame that her mediocrity will continue to rise to the top, as she figures out what to appropriate next. It’s a shame that people with no culture have to find ways to make fun of others or what they perceive the culture to be.


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  • princessdi81

    What in God’s name was that?? This fool needs to have a seat. This was a
    random, hot mess from beginning to end. What’s with those awful
    cornrows, the watermelon, the random shout-out to Aretha Franklin?? SMH.
    I think she knows exactly what she’s doing, and her saying, “that’s what
    I do and it’s no big deal” just goes to show how much she doesn’t get
    it or give a f*ck.

    I wonder what the black back-up dancers were thinking?? I hate to say this and maybe, I’m wrong but, l feel like if Katy Perry tried to sit with us in the
    lunchroom there would be a bunch of black people welcoming her to the

  • ShezSooUnusual

    That’s a very good point, Rebecca. I’m not giving the gentlemen a pass. My remarks on cultural misappropriation are applicable across gender lines — that’s one reason why I mentioned Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. (Justin Bieber would be a more current example though.)

    In my humble opinion, it’s a problem regardless of who’s doing it. Talking about Katy, however, just sprung to mind all of the White women who have pulled similar stunts. White female misappropriation of Black culture is now more widespread than White male culture theft. It’s also more acceptable to the masses when White women do it.

    This may be a bit self-serving, but I find the Iggys, Mileys and Katys of the world particularly pernicious because of their damaging impact on the public perception of Black women. They make a mockery out of aspects of our culture (our “ethnic” hairstyles and dances are just a couple of examples) and feed energy into ridiculous stereotypes about women of color that the rest of us have to go out in the world and combat on a daily basis. Naturally, because they were born “the right color” they get to play pseudo-cool without having to endure any such battles.

    All of this is going to work together to make one big mess for Black America in the years to come.