Over the weekend, Roxane Gay, professor of English at Purdue University and an acclaimed author, chronicled her shopping while black experience when she was humiliated by a racist Best Buy employee.

In her own words:

Then Best Buy attempted to step in:

But of course there’s always those people (ahem white) who want to scream it’s not always about race:

Gay has chronicled the full incident on her personal Tumblr account:

I have NEVER in my life experienced something like this. My receipt was right there. My purchases were plainly identified. For whatever reason, that was not proof enough?
I asked him what the problem was and he ignored me. I asked to speak to a manager and he ignored me. He literally acted like I was not there. I was calm and quiet. I shouldn’t even have to note my demeanor but nonetheless, there it is. An older couple strolled out of the store, set off the alarm, and he quickly deactivated the security device on their purchase and waved them out of the store so that was also infuriating.
Because I thought he might have been confused, I explained that the video game was part of a promotional package I had purchased. He ignored me.
All the while, I was on Twitter because I was so frustrated. I was kind of vague about what I was buying and later this would become a Thing because people are the worst. I was being vague because I was embarrassed to be 39 years old, buying a Play Station. I felt guilty for being so consumeristic. I am struggling with no longer being broke all the time and what that allows me to do. I was also feeling awkward because I only use my Play Station 3 to watch movies and Netflix and play Lumines so the purchase felt extra ridiculous.  (As an aside, this makes my brothers so mad and I like that part.) There’s no fucking conspiracy here. I just didn’t feel like telling the Internet what I was buying.

It’s always funny to see white people scream, “It’s not racist”.  By the way, Gay’s book “Bad Feminist” is available for pre-order on Amazon!



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