The rumors of infidelity and divorce swirling around Jay Z and Beyonce are getting laughably bad. Life & Weekly jumped on the bandwagon by interviewing a “model/rapper” who goes by Liv and claims that Jay Z hit on her and she turned him down. Liv is milking her .5 seconds of fame for all it’s worth with a new track that serves as her personal open letter to Beyonce “Sorry Ms. Carter”:

We couldn’t make this stuff up. The Beygency will have her head by dinnertime.

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  • ALM247

    Well, in this day and age I’m sure she has sense enough to know that she needs concrete proof if she is going to make this type of accusations.

    Throwing things out here for publicity is NOT cute.

    Rachel Roy’s response was the most interesting so far.

  • Blue Ivy’s beautiful bun

    Girl stop. The billion dollars on that elevator pays for some damn good attorneys, so I hope you have proof…

  • Darkness901

    Dang. They will not stop beating this dead horse…leave those folks along. If he is cheating, it will come out. This was the lamest attempt to put a spotlight on Beyoncé and Jay-Z. People will do anything for attention. And, stop using Outkast’s music! That sh*t is classic and not meant for foolery.

  • Mahasin

    The true victim of all of this is Outkast’s I’m Sorry Ms Jackson.

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