South Korean establishments continue to make no qualms about their approach to avoiding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, even if it reeks of racism. Two weeks ago, a South Korean university rescinded its invite to three Nigerian students over Ebola concerns, and now The Korea Times reports that a restaurant in the Seoul district of Itaewon has boldly instituted a “No Africans allowed” policy over fear of contracting the virus.  Two signs displayed at JR Pub read, “We apologize, but due to Ebola Virus, we are not accepting Africans at the moment.”

Reportedly, the restaurant lacks a sure-fire method of identifying exactly which of their customers is African, which leads to the assumption that they will screen customers based solely on their physical appearances. Unfortunately, an associate for the restaurant refused to discuss the details surrounding the decision or whether there is any possibility of the ban being lifted, telling the Times, “I really don’t want to talk about this.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of other people who do. Word of the restaurant’s sketchy policy traveled quickly throughout social media on Saturday as photos of the signs elicited angry online responses and calls to boycott the pub.

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