Suge Knight apparently has nine lives like a cat. Over the weekend, the former hip-hop executive and Crips member was gunned down at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown.  After receiving 6 gunshot wounds, Knight survived.

It’s not like this was Knight’s first time getting shot, several years back he was shot in the leg and bragged about it.

What’s ironic is the photo the NY Times used in their story for Knight being shot.  It was his infamous mug shot.


Talk about some #Iftheygunnedmedown realness.

But you know what? I”m not mad. Let’s not sit here and pretend Knight is the epitome of some “do-gooder”.   Sure it may sound a bit harsh, but I’m not going to lambaste the NY Times for reminding people about Knight’s past.  Because we all know it’s not pretty.  And for someone to hunt him down and brazenly shoot him in public, I’m going to assume the way he’s presently living his life isn’t a bowl cherries either.

But I guess people would be happy if this photo was used:


By the way, I’m still waiting for him to confess to having Tupac and Biggie murdered. I won’t hold my breath though.

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  • Anonin

    He has more lives than a cat. With those bullet proof vests he sleeps with I don’t think he’ll be answering to Pac and biggie anytime soon.

  • Mr. Man

    Not that this really matters any or make any difference to be quite truthful, but only because I’m from Compton and know these things.
    Suge Knight was in fact NOT a Crip but a Blood, ‘East Side Mob Piru’ to be exact.

  • apple

    i dont know but isn’t suge knight whole career or persona around being a gangster.. i mean the name of his records was “death row”, people still doubt he didn’t kill tupac, he got rights to ice ice baby by holding him upsided down over a building, and he has a lengthy criminal record.. he isn’t exactly quincy jones or even a lil wayne (cash money records)