A Danish art project called “Through Other Eyes” has been deemed racist by festival organizers in Sweden and has been pulled from the Malmö Festival. Over 200 Swedes signed a petition calling the performance art racist.

“Through Different Eyes” invites the public to have their appearance altered by make-up artists so that they can temporarily assume a different ethnicity or gender. Participants are then invited to walk around in a crowded public space to experience the feedback they receive when in someone else’s skin.

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  • Cory (Phoenix Ares)

    You know, if they’re going to do this they can at least make it look realistic, facial features and all. The white kid looks like: a white kid trying to pass as black with a doll wig. Black woman looks like: a black woman trying to pass for a white lady with a lop-sided red wig.

    Both don’t look “offensive”, just extremely retarded.

    • Right. I get the point of the project,whilst they may have had good intentions.It’s hard to take this seriously though,when they don’t even look realistic. Especially the little boy,he just looks strange, in fact they all do.