A new school year was supposed to start in Ferguson, Mo. last week, but due to protests and the violent police in the area, the first day of school has been delayed.  Since there’s a delay, many students who would have received free lunch, currently are option-less. Ferguson, which is a predominately black neighborhood, has a large amount of families that rely on the school system to feed their children on a daily basis.

And that’s where Julianna Mendelsohn, a fifth-grade North Carolina, stepped in to help.

“As the world watches the events unfolding in Ferguson, many people have thought ‘how can I help?'”  Mendelsohn wrote on her fundly.com. “As a public school teacher, my first thought is always about the children involved in any tragic situation like this. When I found out school had been canceled for several days as a result of the civil unrest, I immediately became worried for the students in households with food instability. Many children in the US eat their only meals of the day, breakfast and lunch, at school. With school out, kids are undoubtedly going hungry.”

So far Mendelsohn’s fundraising efforts have pulled in over $130k to feed Ferguson students.

If you are interested donating, please click here.

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