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In light of the Navy discharging Black sailor Jessica Sims after she refused to shave off her locs or cover them with a wig, it’s more evident than ever that Black children everywhere need to be fully stocked with affirmations that help them to embrace their natural tresses. Countless Black women can surely recall childhood moments in which they ran around with towels covering their heads, pretending to have straight and wispy hair, not yet realizing that the thick afros that sprouted defiantly upwards from their scalps displayed their very own unique beauty.

As messages that encourage Black children to accept and love the beauty of their natural crowns become more widespread, hopefully the instances of self-esteem issues linked to natural hair texture will begin to dissipate. Fortunately, several authors like Ariane Roberts have recognized the need for customized messages that promote self-esteem amongst Black children, particularly when it comes to embracing their natural hair.

Here are 10 children’s books that help embrace natural hair:

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