Outside of healthy hair and moisture retention, hair growth has got to the most important or highly anticipated outcome many naturals are striving for. Who doesn’t want long hair? Now, I know that big hair is hot and so is short hair (just look at all the Vloggers lately doing another Big Chop (BC) and not because of damaged hair). Despite the growing trend with both, growing hair to bra strap, hip bone or butt length is still a desire for many women whether relaxed or natural.

There are vitamins, hair products and techniques that guarantee hair growth at higher than normal timetables and while some may be way out there (using Monistat 7 or the Inversion method) some are not only popular but less risky. (Hey, do what you want but adding vaginal anti-fungal cream to my scalp or standing on my head too long does not qualify as less risky to me.)

First off, the greenhouse effect is very different from the baggy method even though most feel they are one in the same. They have different goals, techniques and purposes although both require the usage of body heat, a plastic cap or a variation of one and will ultimately aid in hair growth.


The baggy method is about moisture retention and bringing elasticity to your tresses. This is done with the use of your own body heat, a plastic cap or saran wrap and conditioner or a moisturizer. Giving your hair the proper moisture it needs to keep the hair from being dry and brittle will help with hair growth but that’s an afterthought for the method. If you are not having moisture issues and are working on hair growth then using the Greenhouse effect is the method for you.

The Greenhouse Effect (GHE) was created or at least made popular for hair growth, by Mika and Juvann over at lishaunaturals.com. It’s a hair care – growth method created since keeping up with tons of lengthy natural hair routines is not for everybody. It’s a quicker and streamlined approach to hair growth that primarily works without much effort on the part of the user.

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