Thanks to smartphones across America there is no doubt police brutality should be pushed to the forefront of today’s concerns.

There is new cellphone footage of a Black man in St. Paul, Minnesota being confronted by police for walking to pick up his children from school. The video was filmed in January, but was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. On the YouTube page, Christoper Lollie, the man who recorded the incident, revealed police officials confiscated his phone for six months.

In the footage you observe—at first—a calm conversation between Lollie and a female police officer. The officer questioned Lollie probing for his name. Lollie refused to give the officer his name and responded, Well, I know my rights, first off. Secondly, I don’t have to let you know who I am if I haven’t broken any laws.”

As the female officer and Lollie continue to stroll in the direction of his children’s school, a male officer appears. The male officer who is more irate, questions what’s happening and finally tells Lollie he is going to jail.

Again Lollie questions the police, but things become violent. He pleads with the officers, but without regard St. Paul’s police apprehend Lollie. His phone drops and you hear officers shout, “You’re gonna get tased.”

Lollie cries out for help as well as notify the officers his children are standing in eyesight.

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  • Well at least they didn’t shoot and kill him, i am thankful for that.

  • Anthony

    After listening to the tape, the amateur psychologist in me feels that when this black man was not compliant with the white woman officer’s request. The white male officer came in like a raging bull to protect her “womanhood.”

    After some more thought, I know I would have just shown the officer my ID. Showing ID is no guarantee that an officer will stop harassment, but taking away rationales for escalation makes sense for a civilian.

  • abc

    I want to know what reason the female officer gave for wanting to know who he was/ asking to see his ID.

    You shouldn’t be obliged to show ID just because an officer asks/ wants to see it. They must give a valid reason to do so.

    It is precisely because of the increase in things like this happening that people have become so scared that they are so willing to surrender their rights in the hope that an officer doesn’t decide to taser them or kill them. We must still recognise that this was wrong.

    I am not thankful they didn’t shoot him; I am outraged that he was violated like this in front of his children!