Admittedly, when a personal trainer introduced me to the TRX Suspension Training System, I’d already decided that it must be some sort of a joke. Did she really expect me to master maneuvering my body in a double-strapped contraption she attached to a playground apparatus? Starting out, I clumsily stumbled through a series of exercises that made me feel like I was playing an awkward one-woman game of vertical Twister.

But after a few sessions of profuse sweating and gritted teeth, along with the embarrassment at just how depleted I felt after a workout, something changed. I looked in the mirror at my arms and marveled at how unrecognizable they were. Muscles?

On my body?  Realizing that it wasn’t an illusion helped me embrace the idea of a unique full-body workout challenging enough to keep my focus, unlike the way I shunned my pile of neglected workout DVDs.

TRX stands for total body resistance and it certainly lives up to its name. Here are five reasons why you should try it.

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  • I sooooo want this!

    • OSHH

      Me too.

    • A number of gyms have TRX classes. However, I find the kettle ball most challenging.

  • KKay

    I can’t escape this thing. My trainer has me using mine during all our workouts. It’s great workout and very challenging.

    • So you’d recommend it? I read on Amazon that it does not include certain pieces; was this your experience?

    • Kenya

      LOL @ can’t escape this thing. As much as you want to hate it, it lures you back in…

  • KKay


    Yes, I would. It is challenging. In fact my trainer used it all last night during our session. I was not amused.

    Anyway, you’re supposed to be able to attached to doors in your house. I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Kema

      I bought a gold’s gym version last year. I think I used it once. May be time to pull it out of my closet. lol!