Apparently a member of the Chi Omega sorority at the University of Alabama totally forgot about the university’s diversity initiative when it comes to their Greek organizations. A member of Chi Omega sorority allegedly posted a Snapchat with two friends with the caption “Chi O got NO niggas!!!!!”.

Yeah, but it sure has some dumb asses as members.

Ironically, the University of Alabama just completed it’s Bid Day and  21 black women and 169 women who identified as members of other racial minorities were included according to the The University of Alabama’s Crimson White.

University President Judy Bonner condemned the Snapchat post and released this statement:

“We are all extremely disappointed when any student uses language that is disrespectful or offensive to any segment of the UA community,” Bonner said. “We are especially sad that this incident occurred on a day that was an exciting and happy one for the young women who participated in fall recruitment.”

According to Whitney Plumpton, a spokesperson for Chi Omega’s national headquarters, the woman responsible for the Snapchat has been dismissed from the sorority.

“What was expressed is absolutely reprehensible and completely inconsistent with Chi Omega’s values and policies,” Plumpton said. “Chi Omega took swift disciplinary action in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures.”

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  • shybookworm

    White people got no sense–apparently!

  • binks

    Why blur out her face, if she is so bold in her stance and her words then she needs to stand behind them don’t be a coward now…side eye. But I am NOT surprised, same stuff different day.

  • ALM247

    Whoever she is did this on purpose. The university has made national news for this, and they made a big deal to say that this type of thing wouldn’t be tolerated.

    I’m just as salty that there are still Black women trying to join these organizations, even though the organizations have proven to be hateful.

    Why would you even risk being accepted? You go on a “camping trip” with your sorority and they end up losing you on purpose.

    When people show you who they are, believe them!!!!

  • Monica

    As an inactive member of a black sorority I can honestly say it struck me as odd that black women insist on joining these white sororities. Young women are young women and if it is possible to reject someone because of the shoes they wore to rush, is it a stretch to reject someone because of their race? It was very convenient to point the finger at alumni and say that they were reason those black girls were rejected when in fact it was probably the active membership at the school who did not want to be osteracized for having black members. So it really isn’t a surprise an active member would post something like this. She just gave voice to what her sorors were saying behind closed doors.