With black women making a name for themselves as fashion icons, designers and spokespeople, it’s perplexing that Vanity Fair only included one on their famous “International Best-Dressed” list. That distinction went to Lupita Nyong’o, who more than deserved the placement thanks to her exquisite sense of style and spectacular display of fashion know-how on the red carpet during Awards season. But Nyong’o, as remarkable as she is, isn’t the only black woman celebrity with a documented talent for dressing. There are plenty more who make fascinating and inspiring sartorial statements, and deserve recognition. Since Vanity Fair won’t acknowledge them, we certainly will. Here are 10 other black women that should’ve made the cut.

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  • Me

    are we still chasing after recognition from vanity fair? they don’t want us. why even mention that magazine’s name? this shoulda just been a 10 best dressed list period.

    • joe

      Seeking recognition from white folks is something we should have stopped doing 50 years ago.

    • cb


    • vintage3000

      Thank you. –Why not just a clutch 10 best dressed list indeed. I wish a lot of Black people got the memo that whitefolks’ ice ain’t colder.

  • blogdiz

    This again who here buys Vanity Fair ???? make ur own darn list who cares bout Vanity Fair

    • binks

      I agree! I can’t remember the last time I picked up an issue of vanity fair. So yeah, I am not surprised by their list and them leaving off notable black women.

  • ALM247

    I believe that Mrs. Obama has made the list before.

    June Ambrose is a stylist. She could give the staff at “Vanity Fair” tips on how to dress.

    I agree with “Me” and the other commenters. The approval of “Vanity Fair” is not necessary. Since a lot of the Black owned magazines have sold partial shares, someone needs to create a new set of magazines. We are not a monolith. Blogs are great, but I would love to see seven or 8 new magazines emerge that I can read online through apps such as Zinio.

    Someone needs to resurrect “Honey” magazine. They went to an online version, but I need a print version back in my life!!!!

    • cabugs

      A Clutch print magazine!

  • Junebug123

    stop seeking validation from white folks. besides lupita won so give her shine.
    anyway tracy ellis ross and gugu are NOT black. gugu does not even call herself black

  • Jenb

    I would love to see the percentage of Vanity Fair’s sales among black women. I bet that number is less than 1%. This magazine is for white women, not for us. When are we going to understand this and stop begging. I’m convinced black people, in general, think things created by whites are “better” than things created by us. That’s why some keep begging for their recognition.

    • or maybe it’s just that Vanity Fair is a magazine that holds weight in the industry. Even though they don’t nearly represent black women enough, that does not discredit the fact that it is a leading fashion resource next to Vogue. I don’t think this article is “begging” and I don’t think white things are better than ours either, but until we produce a magazine that is on par with VF I think it’s fair to hope for more representation in the resources that are already established.