The 5-year-old cutie pie and comic Cece of The Cece Show is already on her way to being just as talented and successful as her idol Beyoncé. The Louisiana native already has over 500,000 followers on Instagram and 200,000 on Vine. Check out Cece reenacting Beyonce’s VMA Performance.


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  • B

    I find nothing about this adorable this. Beyonce’s performance was inappropriate for children, including her own. Women humping the floor, women spreading their legs in thongs, Beyoncé repeating saying the B word made it adult content. We don’t need child versions of Beyonce.
    I don’t get it.

  • well actually

    i agree about this being inappropriate. beyonce’s work ethic may be something for little girls to look up to, but her content is NOT appropriate for young girls.

    also, the little girl in a blond wig is not cute, and i’m sure she’s associating it with all types of things like being fabulous. this is how colorism is instilled in kids.

    beyonce’s a grown woman free to do grown things, and i don’t think grown things are appropriate for kids.

    even the people arguing blue ivy is too young to know what she saw was inappropriate are full of bs. that baby was mimicking her mom’s actions and there are gifs to prove it. fast forward 10 years and see how much judgement lil blue will be getting for mimicking what she sees her mom do.

    • well actually

      i meant the wig is not cute not that the little girl is ugly