• I don’t know all of the legal parameters that the federal government can take against the unlawful killing of Blacks by police officers and civilians through the stand your ground. However, if Obama is serious about this issue, he needs to whittle down on the speeches and start taking some action through policy with or without the help of Congress. The whole police department is corrupt and they are out of control. The state department and State Attorney General are only going to cover for the force and are not going to do their due diligence. This is just as important if not more important than immigration reform. Without any measures going to the root causes, he is only paying lip services. For example, it is well known that some people associated with the KKK, Aryan Nation, and Neo-nazi have gone in the military and police force to assert their power over other minorities. If it was known that someone was a member of Al Qaeda, ISIS, or some other Middle Eastern terrorist organization they would be ban from the country altogether if not hunted down. Yet, the US lets these domestic terrorists have positions of authority. I don’t know whether that is the case in Ferguson. However, it would be a start.

    • BB

      Obama isn’t serious about this issue. He isn’t for African Americans. He is a tool for the corporate interest that run this country. But they are listening tho. They love Obama. Oooo a black president. Ooo. Well his movelty has worn off and if we paid attention we could see how he has worked for other minorities (Latinos, Gays) while doing little for the minor he seemingly represents, African Americans. F Obama. We were better off with a white president. At least then our people wouldn’t feel torn when looking to their “leader” for help. They would be able to clearly look at a white man and KNOW that he doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Instead they see a man that somewhat resembles them spewing nonsense lip service and get confused. Obama is not going to help us. If he were he would have already.

    • I still think he was better than Hillary Clinton. However, that didn’t mean that I didn’t hold him in contempt when it came to issues such as Wall Street Reform, the Housing Crisis, and the Jobs Bill. For one, he should have put a Jobs bill out prior to the Health Reform Bill and not let the Health Reform Bill drag through. He also caved on the Health Care Option an should have pushed Harry Reid to have more of a backbone in the Senate when they had both majorities. As for Blacks, he has had opportunity after opportunity to address the racial profiling and brutality against Blacks (Trayvon, Stop&Frisk, Renisha, etc) and yet he either avoids the issue of race or tries to sugar coat it altogher. Don’t get me wrong. He has made some major accomplishments as a President. However, he is lacked leadership in other areas where it is needed including this one. So, my point in my previous post was that either he needs to put up or shut up in regards to the excessive police force and killing of Black People.

    • I agree. The police forces
      in Ferguson have shown a lack of respect and a lack of transparency. They
      refuse to release the name of the murderer of Michael Brown when we know the
      identity of the murderers of Eric Garner. You have made an excellent point
      about how the Klan, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Nation, and other white supremacist terrorist
      organizations have infiltrated the police for years and decades. The President should
      use a task force to root out these terrorists from all law enforcement. The
      President should take immediate, radical action as a means to address this
      crisis of Ferguson. As for Iraq, it is a complicated situation. A lot of this
      came about by the Western backed coup in 1963, the evil sanctions, and the
      Iraqi 2003 war. The humanitarian aid is fine, but the military intervention is
      trickly, because it will continue for weeks or months at least. In Ukraine, the
      puppet regime is destroying areas found in Eastern Ukraine. The big point is
      that post racial ideologies are fantasies. We have to be real in dealing with
      race and class if we want real changes in the world. We need healing, but we
      can never having healing without justice. The issue in Ferguson is indicative
      of economic issues found nationwide and there must be revolutionary solutions.

    • Me

      i know some folks from st louis & they used to tell me how straight up racist it is out there. it’s a red state & you shoulda saw how folks were foaming at the mouth over obama getting elected in mo. nothing is gonna come from internal investigations out there. obama needs to clap back if he means business. otherwise they just gonna match his lip service w/their own lip service. that’s the reason so many folks are rioting out there right now b/c they know that pd is in the middle of the biggest cover up of their careers. they not working over time for the truth. they working over time getting their stories straight. by the end of all this i won’t be surprised if they turn that kid into some dope slinging, gun toting maniac that had to be hunted down to save white america. stl natives tell me how stl is still segregated & the wp out there don’t try as hard as everywhere else to hide their racism. ijs.

    • I agree with you too. My Homegirl Erica (who is a great Sister and a great Friend) is from Missouri too and she tells the same exact story (of how racism is a serious problem in MO, etc.).

    • G

      Always has been. Missouri that gave us the outlaw Jesse James.

      James was a member of Quantrill’s Raiders (better known as Bloody Quantrill) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantrill%27s_Raiders during the Civil War.

      The reason, James became an outlaw is due the lost of Civil War. Although Missouri, was a border state, there were many Southern sympathizers, who aided and abetted the Southern cause. James and his ilk, felt there should be a vengeance against the federal government, via life of crime.

      As all of you know these people are descendents of that ilk, racist and corrupt!

      History repeats itself in all forms.

    • Yes, I know about the Quantrill Raiders being sympathizers with the Confederates. Jesse James was a wicked criminal who has been glamorized by movies basically. Also, there was the KGC or the Knights of the Golden Circle who was racist and pro-Confederate as well. History does repeat itself all of the time. I do appreciate this important history that you have shown here since we have to learn about history and the knowledge of self, so that we can really free.

    • G

      Thank you so much . . . I’m here to learn and share.