As there continues to be a complete disregard for the black and brown bodies who are shot down like animals, the question that troubles any individual with a respect to human life is why hasn’t Darren Wilson been arrested yet?

As details of the unfortunate death of Mike Brown are made public, the people of Ferguson, along with those who support the community, await anxiously for justice to prevail. While authorities in Ferguson neglect the Bill of Rights and its first amendment, Twitter erupts stressing a call-to-action.

However, what are the likely chances of Darren Wilson being arrested? In an interview with Salon.com Peter A. Joy, Henry Hitchcock Professor of Law and director of the Criminal Justice Clinic at Washington University Law in St. Louis, stated, The prosecutor has two avenues: One is to immediately press charges, issue a warrant for the officer’s arrest and arrest Officer Wilson. The other option is not to press charges immediately but to present the case to a grand jury and see if the grand jury will find probable cause to indict the officer. Even if the prosecutor immediately presses charges while we’re on the phone, that case would still be presented to the grand jury — the difference being that the officer would be placed under arrest before the grand jury considers the matter.”

As we look forward to the arrest of Wilson (sooner rather than later), Shaun King of Los Angels created a petition that calls on President Obama to enact new federal laws. In the document he stresses the importance to protect citizens from police violence and misconduct. King writes:

I love good police officers. I have them in my immediate family. Like all civil servants they are underpaid and under-resourced for a difficult job.

However, a long and completely avoidable history of violence by police officers has killed too many innocent civilians, caused a destructive level of mistrust in the community, and is causing a rising tide of anger, frustration, and despair among millions of good people.

He continues by naming all of the known victims of police brutality starting with Amadou Diallo and ending with Mike Brown. King also lists five policy solutions.

If you want to sign the petition visit Change.org.

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  • David Dodge

    Officer Wilson does have a right to due process, but if the grand jury indicts or if the Ferguson DA [he should recuse himself for a federal/independent prosecutor] just issues a warrant for Wilson’s arrest, all this violence goes away. What strikes me is that Brown’s body was left lying in the street for 5 hours. Were paramedics called? Total disrespect and insensitivity. What we are seeing is two things: 1) years of injustice for the black community 2) increasing white fear due to demographic reality. These two forces are clashing and becoming deadly. Come on Republicans, show me that “post-racial America”! It’s Republican value systems that caused all our racial unrest.

    • ALM247

      Check out Clutch’s posts from yesterday. Someone said that he wasn’t even transported in an ambulance, but that he was transported in a random SUV.

    • Yes, there are links and other sources saying that Michael Brown’s body was carried in a SUV. That was a disgrace.

    • smiles

      and apartheid

    • They need to make this a federal case point, BLANK, period. All of these incidents (including Ferguson) shows a pattern of behavior of not just excessive police force or racial profiling, but deliberate incidence of Black genocide — and don’t give me the excuse of Black on Black crime as most cases such as murder, rape, and even robbery are committed by those in the same neighborhood or those that the victims know. These incidents keep occurring because the US government and US citizens (mostly white people) refuse to believe that there is a race problem in this country. As a matter of fact, based on a Pew Research poll, only 37% of whites believed the incident was racial. Also, many of these hate groups have gone underground while infiltrating law enforcement and the military, while the prison-industrial complex has become unsustainable for state governments (while all the while profitable for private businesses). So, it is interesting if marijuana is to be made legal nationwide whether all of those currently in jail for such offense would have their record expunge and rights restored. I bring this up b/c prison-industrial complex has been nothing more than another form of slavery or cheap labor.

    • trish

      Tajmarie, You’ve made some very valid points.

    • Me

      about the mj, I looked it up a while ago cuz I wanted to see if bp would get a chance to find jobs easier if the petty crime went away but they won’t be expunging records. if they got you, they keep you.

    • David Dodge

      It definitely will become a federal case. This is ultimately a civil rights matter. The way I see it: we all worked hard to get Obama elected twice. We knew this would not sit well with the Republican party which is steeped in racism, fear, hate and desperation. Thus we see the despicable racist attitude towards blacks and Latinos. Why is it so difficult for the GOP to accept change? Here’s part of the reason: there are two types of white people: 1) The educated, intelligent, rational whites who consider their whiteness as just a roll of the genetic dice; 2) The ignorant white trash who consider their whiteness as some God given right, privilege and entitlement. These people consider whiteness their sole reason for existence. They have nothing to offer and are people of no value. Eric Garner in NYC, Michael Brown in Ferguson……how much more can the nation take? In less than a generation whites will be a minority. This will not effect the first group of whites. The second group who are so heavily invested in their whiteness may have a problem. This can be an exciting period in our history full of energy, creativity and equality. The choice of whether to be violent or not is a key issue. Woe unto whites who don’t see the reality.

  • Mary Burrell

    I have a sinking feeling this will be like George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. I will not be holding my breath.

  • blogdiz

    In spinning things to suit your narrative all you are doing is exposing your own idiocy and lack of education. What do you think the chalk line at crime scenes is for? Bullet markers? ,cameras,, pictures EMS and Crime scene investigators?

    Please be so kind to tell me which white victim of a killing was left in sweltering heat for over 4 HOURS with a sheet that HIS MOTHER had to provide. whilst this prehistoric style
    investigation you speak of was taking place …………… I’ll wait you dumba$$