As there continues to be a complete disregard for the black and brown bodies who are shot down like animals, the question that troubles any individual with a respect to human life is why hasn’t Darren Wilson been arrested yet?

As details of the unfortunate death of Mike Brown are made public, the people of Ferguson, along with those who support the community, await anxiously for justice to prevail. While authorities in Ferguson neglect the Bill of Rights and its first amendment, Twitter erupts stressing a call-to-action.

However, what are the likely chances of Darren Wilson being arrested? In an interview with Salon.com Peter A. Joy, Henry Hitchcock Professor of Law and director of the Criminal Justice Clinic at Washington University Law in St. Louis, stated, The prosecutor has two avenues: One is to immediately press charges, issue a warrant for the officer’s arrest and arrest Officer Wilson. The other option is not to press charges immediately but to present the case to a grand jury and see if the grand jury will find probable cause to indict the officer. Even if the prosecutor immediately presses charges while we’re on the phone, that case would still be presented to the grand jury — the difference being that the officer would be placed under arrest before the grand jury considers the matter.”

As we look forward to the arrest of Wilson (sooner rather than later), Shaun King of Los Angels created a petition that calls on President Obama to enact new federal laws. In the document he stresses the importance to protect citizens from police violence and misconduct. King writes:

I love good police officers. I have them in my immediate family. Like all civil servants they are underpaid and under-resourced for a difficult job.

However, a long and completely avoidable history of violence by police officers has killed too many innocent civilians, caused a destructive level of mistrust in the community, and is causing a rising tide of anger, frustration, and despair among millions of good people.

He continues by naming all of the known victims of police brutality starting with Amadou Diallo and ending with Mike Brown. King also lists five policy solutions.

If you want to sign the petition visit Change.org.

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