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Beyoncé’s “flawless, I woke up like this” fashion sense has undoubtedly come a long way since her Destiny’s Child days. In the fierce photos she shares on social media, she always looks fresh off the runway. Thankfully she hasn’t been shy about giving some major shine to several up-and-coming designers who are prepared to take the fashion industry by storm.

Here are 5 up-and-coming Black designers Beyoncé loves:

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  • nubiahbella

    I have to give it to her ( although most of her pieces are are chosen by her stylist), this is how I wish Black celebrities were supporting their own more instead of always sporting fashion designers who do not even use Black models and can’t stand Black people in general.

  • lil ray

    Great I wish more Black celeb talk up Black designers and give them the same amount of support as they do others.


    It’s great that she supports black designers. Bey dresses the way she likes but I’ve never been influenced by or admired her style. Works for her though.

  • Nakia

    This Erica M. line is beautiful!