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Delhi-born British Designer Ashish Gupta debuted on to London’s fashion scene in 2001. Since then, Gupta has made a name for himself as the “sequence king.”

His design signatures, which include sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins, did not fall short during his Spring 2015 runway show at London’s Fashion Week. Not only did Gupta unveil what many are calling the “Kimye sweater to hand down from generation to generation,” but also he only cast all Black models in his runway show.


Gupta who describes his ideal customer as “fun-loving and sexy with a sense of humor,” made sure each and every piece exemplified just that.

Click through our gallery to see some his pieces.

Photos Courtesy of Ashish Gupta

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  • Anonin

    Just as easy as that his runway automatically stood out against the usual white drones. Sad to think one of our own won’t even do this not even once.

    • Antoinnette

      Anonim I agree with you completely.Black models, designers and their publicists have been complaining for years about the absence of Black models on the runways, but do nothing revolutionary…take a look at fashion week when they present their designs…white models abound! Maybe these designers believe that white consumers will validate/support them more effectively..the bottom-line being revenue.Black folks complain about being excluded by the white establishments but there remains a lack of concerted black entrepreneurial efforts geared towards creating and subsequently sustaining their own companies.I’ve heard for years that the black consumer market is a multi-billion dollar industry, therefore I do not get it!I personally think that many of these black personalities that complain do not have a strong sense of conviction….do they really believe in our beauty. Where is Iman’s, Tyra’s etc (occasional) natural hairstyles and I do not mean for some fashion magazine’s editorial.Visit Byron Lars’ website and you’ll be shocked at the models that are featured…. Black television anchors complain that their natural hair is not allowed- are they truly serious, or still believe that they’re “better groomed” and thus acceptable with processed hair. The gay movement has made phenomenal process in validated themselves, whereas black folks continue to be apologetic and compromised.I do not think that we try hard enough.
      And then there’s Africa..here comes another messy identity problem crisis!!