This morning we published a post with the leaked video of Ray Rice and his crushing punch, which left then fiancée unconscious and dazed.

However, two hours ago the Baltimore Ravens announced via Twitter its decision to terminate Ray Rice’s contract.

As a result of the video, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had initially given Rice a two-game ban, has now increased the suspension to indefinitely. Greg Aiello, an NFL spokesman, said via Twitter.

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  • ALM

    And the truth is, if someone in the casino security staff had not received a big check from TMZ, we would have never seen this video.

    People were speculating that she was drunk, but he knocked her out cold.

    He would have been off scot free if not for someone else’s search for a pay day. The person who released this video doesn’t care about Janay. They care about their wallets.

    • Objection

      Correction, Janay could have came forward with the truth. Instead of coming forward with the truth, she married the man who knocked her out. It seems to me that Janay doesn’t care about Janay.

    • Lulu

      Yep, let’s blame the victim in an abusive relationship. No woman in her right mind (keyword: her right mind) would marry a man that did such a thing to her. She is a woman probably caught in a vicious cycle of abuse. He has probably done much worse to her that we do not know about.

  • Objection

    No man in his right mind (keyword: his right mind) would knock his girlfriend out. If a snake bite you, don’t take the snake home and make it a pet.