The Carters are taking no days off.

Following their “On the Run” Tour, the power couple is rumored to recreate their “je ne sais quoi” for an album.

According to E! News, Karli Henriquez, Vice President of Pop Programming at Dash Radio said the “Drunk in Love” pair are joining forces to create a “huge” new album. Dash’s DJ Skee revealed the news on-air after getting word on the collaboration from sources close to Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

It was also said the album is slated to be released in late 2014 or early 2015.

The news comes just days after Beyoncé shut it down on stage in Paris with surprise guest Nicki Minaj.

In true Carter form, a spokesperson from either camp has not confirmed or denied the rumors.

What we do know: Beyoncé has made it clear there is no bun in the oven. Queen Bey released images from her Bey-day celebration overseas. The 33-year-old shows off a sun-kissed complexion and flaunts a very flat tummy. Of course, there were a few couple photo ops and images of two-year-old Blue Ivy.

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  • *eyeroll* Go away!!! Please!!! I’m sick of seeing both of them!!!

  • Sands

    Overkill. Too much from them. Enough.


    I would agree, they need to take a break!!!! I adore and I am so proud of Beyoncé!!! I am a Houston Girl!!! But yes she need to spend some real family time, the both of them!!!. She is working a lil to hard!!!.

  • Chika

    I’m definitely not a Beyonce fan or even a stan. But this is a really smart move, as much as it is annoying. They’re gonna make mad money off of this.


    I like them but even too much of a good thing is just too much period. I don’t get why she refuses to just step back for a moment, step out of the spotlight and let us miss her. Even as a fan, it gets to be annoying after awhile. The overpriced concert tickets that needed hyped drama to boost sales, the poor ratings on the HBO special, another performance just yesterday and now an album is coming out?! I think it’s going to take them really falling flat and hearing crickets to get the message that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not every star knows how to let go of the limelight till the limelight lets go of them.