Chef and television personality Carla Hall has easily became a fan favorite on “The Chew.” With her charismatic personality and passion for food, Hall hopes to open her very own southern-styled restaurant in New York City.

Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, as she describes it is a “Nashville-inspired ‘spot next door’ [that] will take you back to my sweet ole’ Granny’s kitchen—the place my love of food started and what made me the chef I am today.”

Hall has launched a Kickstarter campaign and hopes with the help of fans, her dream will soon become a reality.

What kind of entrees can we expect?


Well for starters, Hall plans to serve Nashville Hot Chicken, a unique twist on southern fried chicken, traditionally fried in an iron skillet and then tossed in a spicy cayenne paste. Slow brined, brushed with her secret hot oil recipe, and crisped to perfection. You’ll find it served simply, on a slice of white bread with a dill pickle, she explained on Kickstarter.


In addition, restaurant patrons will find southern greens, mac and cheese, picnic coleslaw, country white bread and pickles and cornbread waffles on the weekends. If you still have room, dessert will include Goo Goo clusters, red velvet whoopie pies, bread pudding and her “guilt-free” petite cookies.

“I grew up in Nashville and learned to appreciate good food from my grandmother,” Hall said. “I knew I had to honor her and my Southern roots by bringing Nashville’s hot chicken to New York.”

The Kickstarter campaign will run till Oct. 29th.

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  • ALM

    She already has $18,000, and at that rate she will make her goal.

    She should go on “Shark Tank”. They have had other celebrities on the show, and her show “The Chew” is on the same network as “Shark Tank”.

    On the other hand, maybe she wants full control moreso than the extra exposure that “Shark Tank” investors can bring……

  • Fifi Gongon

    Bring the hot chicken to Europe, please !

  • Loquacious

    If you are ever in Nashville and you want hot chicken, be sure to go to Prince’s. There are a lot of hot chicken restaurants in Nashville, but Prince’s is an original and it’s the best.

  • Mary Burrell

    Love Carla, hope she is successful. Hot chicken looks delicious.