Founded by creative couple Lamarr and Pamela Nanton, PLY has a major passion for fit and tailoring.

Located in New York, PLY is for the woman size 14 – 24 that craves elegance and fashion and doesn’t want to compromise. Taking a directional approach on classics, PLY is an elegant downtown mix of fashion with a timeless aesthetic.

PLY is the answer. It is the application of a lifetime of knowledge, trade and art. It is the answer to the age-old question. “What am I going to wear?” This answer is beautiful, well made and the best the industry has to offer. All for that woman who has been ignored for far too long. This is for the woman who loves fashion and has difficulty finding anything of this caliber to fit. — PLY

To learn more about PLY please visit www.plyapparel.com.

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Photos Courtesy: PLY

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  • I am in the process of losing weight (fat). However, I like #5 and #8.

  • Mary Burrell

    Did not care for this fashion line.

  • ALM

    I’m all for more options for plus sized women, but I checked out the website. These designs are sky high. Over $1,000 for one dress??!! I had to look at the price two or three times to make sure that I was seeing that correctly.

    I understand that these clothes are probably custom made and are made from the highest quality material, but still…..

    • Pam

      I must agree that the prices are EXTREMELY high! I was surprised at the prices.