Mom-Darrien-Hunt-was-shot-because-he-was-blackDarrien Hunt, the 22-year-old who was shot and killed by Utah police, died from a bullet that struck him in his back.

Randall Edwards, the Hunt’s attorney, said an independent autopsy was conducted and the medical examiner revealed Hunt was shot six times. Each shot penetrated his body from the back, which suggest Hunt was running away. The medical examiner believes the shot that killed Hunt was from a bullet that struck him in the middle of his back.

Investigators are currently awaiting results from an additional autopsy, which is being conducted by the state’s medical examiner.

In addition, several businesses in close proximity of where the shooting took place have provided authorities with surveillance video. Footage from a Cyprus Credit Union and a Panda Express may give insight on the fatal shooting. Both companies have released a statement confirming they are cooperating with all requests made by authorities. Investigators are also speaking with witnesses.

The surveillance video will be reviewed by a single entity of investigators from several different agencies, who review officer-involved shootings. It will be under the supervision of Utah County Chief Deputy Attorney Tim Taylor. The two Utah police officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave.

Hunt’s mother, Susan, believes race is the reason why her son was fatally shot by police. Officials refute the idea saying race did not play a role.

Hunt was killed at a mall in Saratoga Springs last Wednesday.

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  • blogdiz

    I also read that the play sword was actually still on his back (not in his hand ) when he was killed so that doesn’t jibe with the first story of him lunging .The police then changed their story to saw well he was running towards the Panda Express and we feared for the people there ?????. There needs to be some law that requires police file incident report within 12 hours of an incident .Like in Ferguson cops are delaying reports until all possible info comes in so they can back pedal and tailor an narrative that suits the evidence that they are privy to by nature of their position which is a gross miscarriage of justice


    This is the thing that really annoys me about politics. I just don’t understand how the presidential focus has always been (regardless of who is in office) war, terrorism, and relations with other countries while we have a very serious chronic war within our country regarding police tactics. Most incidents are ignored by the president unless it captures nationwide attention then there might be a statement or press release but otherwise nothing is done. I understand those other issues are extremely important but when your own citizens are under attack by other citizens whose job it is to protect them and to follow protocol when arrests must be made and often violate those rules, it makes you question those we elect and why we elect them.

  • John Moore

    Wow, this is sad, smh. #Economic$hutdown