According to my social media timeline, Scandal premieres tonight. From what I can gather people are planning watch parties. Wine will be consumed. And there may be some ladies (and gents maybe) sitting on their couch wearing big, bad white hats. Me, myself and I, however, will probably be watching the Washington Redskins vs. Giants game. You see, I’m a Black woman who doesn’t watch Scandal.

Stuff "Scandal" Fans Say

Ish “Scandal” Fans Say

Record scratches. Say what? I know, I know, I know, some days I feel like I’m betraying the race, or at the very least Black women and all our trench coat and stiletto pump fierceness.

There aren’t many of us out here, we are a small group, forced to have secret support group meetings where we hold each other down. I respect Shonda Rhimes’s hustle and I tried to watch the show when it first began, but the fast talking, over top plots, and long-winded monologues were just too much for my senses.

However, because I’m on social media, I halfway know what’s going on. Olivia’s ‘earn me’ speech, Papa Pope’s ‘boy tirade’ to the President, the steamy sex scenes, and the crazy characters.

But for those who don’t even have an inkling of what’s happening and feel the need to fake it ‘til you make it when someone asks you for your thoughts about Scandal on Friday morning, there’s an awesome video to help you out!

Now, everyone should be ready for the Scandal premiere.

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