With famed lawyer Gloria Allred by her side, Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson held a press conference in regards to the recent lawsuit she filed against the boxing champ.

Jackson is claiming that she was assaulted  multiple times by the boxer in an 18-month span from 2012-14, including one threat at gunpoint. Jackson also allege, battery, civil harassment, defamation and false imprisonment in the filing.

“It is with a heavy heart that I finally realized that the only way to set the record straight, and to achieve justice for what he has done to me, is through the filing of this lawsuit,” Jackson said.

From Mlive:

The lawsuit alleges that Mayweather assaulted Jackson shortly after his August 2012 release from jail on a domestic conviction involving another woman, Josie Harris, mother of three of the boxer’s four children. Jackson claims Mayweather twisted her arm and choked her before searching through her phone without permission.

Jackson claimed she left the boxer in April 2013, briefly returned to Los Angeles, but moved back into Mayweather’s Las Vegas home at his urging.

By the end of that same month, Jackson claims in the lawsuit that Mayweather again assaulted her, took away her jewelry at gunpoint, threatened to shoot her in the foot, and prohibited her from leaving his home without one of his employees accompanying her.

Jackson claims that as recently as February, Mayweather restrained her and prohibited her from leaving his Los Angeles condo against her will.

She seeks unspecified damages based on those claims, and others, including intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

Jackson accuses Mayweather of threatening to release nude photos of her after their breakup and releasing her medical records without her permission, including a sonogram, on his Facebook page.

During the press conference, Allred also informed people that Jackson was once pregnant with twins by Mayweather, but terminated the pregnancy. Jackson’s attorney stated that he was informed about the termination.

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  • “Jackson is claiming that she was assaulted multiple times by the boxer in an 18-month span from 2012-14, including one threat at gunpoint. Jackson also allege, battery, civil harassment, defamation and false imprisonment in the filing.”

    How can one endure such abuse for 18 minutes, let alone 18 months??? I wonder what made her remain in the relationship for that long…

    • Fifi Gongon

      Fear, perhaps.

    • @Fifi Gongon,

      Perhaps; anything’s possible. I’m just wondering what would make any woman interested in a man w/ an existing domestic violence charge…As @MimiLuvs has pointed out. I believe a lot of women think, “he did it to her, but won’t do it to me”, forgive the man for his past transgressions, or they completely blame the woman for what happened to her. I wish Shantel the best in her pursuit of justice for the wrongs committed to her by Mayweather.

  • MimiLuvs

    IMO, with a previous domestic violence charge against him from another woman (one of his children’s mother) and the ‘smear campaign’ that he has committed against Shantel courtesy of the Instagram, it is not hard to believe that Mayweather would commit such horrible things to Shantel.

    I know that most people (namely, Mayweather fans or misogynists masquerading as MRAs and their female supporters) would say that Shantel is only suing the batterer–I mean, the boxer because she is looking for a ‘pay day’.
    Well, if that is the case, then she would’ve:

    1) Have called off the engagement and dumped him.
    2)Have aborted their children. Then she would’ve gone to the local Vegas family court and petitioned for a child support hearing.

    • MimiLuvs


  • kenzi

    I never paid much attention to floyds exploits as i dont watch boxing but after he posted those pictures of her sonogram talking about she killed our twins i was livid..for me that goes down in my book as of the top 10 most awful things I’ve ever seen a person do post breakup that was foul on so many levels there were no words