Jay-Z, founder of Budweiser Made In America music festival, shared an intimate moment with wife and Video Vanguard Award recipient Beyoncé.

The two looked “Dangerously in Love” at the Made In America Los Angeles show on Sunday, Aug. 31. Mrs. Carter rocked a black crop tee coupled with a black asymmetrical maxi skirt. Mr. Carter sported a black fedora with an “On the Run” tour coat.

Jay-Z could not keep his hands off his wife, while Beyoncé soaked up all the affection. The two danced, kissed and flirted all night at the Roc Nation VIP section as they watched DJ Steve Aoki perform.

This year marked the first time a new city was added to the music festival’s lineup. Since Made In America launched in 2012, the festival has taken place in Philadelphia, Pa. The two-day show included: Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Rita Ora and a slew of other artists.

Made In America was the first ticketed event for Grand Park, a two-year-old public space, and its first test as a major concert location. Saturday’s show drew in 34,000 fans, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Charles Stringham, and Sunday’s was estimated to be the same.

Beyoncé’s New Bob Cut

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Images: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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  • Good for them! I love her skirt and the bob is a nice change!

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Beyonce is such a silly, needy woman. She looks different all the time… because she always retouches her pictures. Must be exhausting… ( trying to appear perfect) and that’s why she’s getting sloppy.

    The jaw is off…and too long.
    The nose is crooked.
    The teeth look like shark teeth.
    The tummy looks plastic.
    She toned her neck down.

    Still, a real manly looking photo.

    Sigh…I wish she’d learn to be herself… self love: a good lesson to pass on to her daughter.

    • OSHH


    • You don’t know Beyonce from Adam!! Quit trying to be the butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Giving out dime store diagnosIs on someone you don’t
      even know. People like you show a clear case of hater aid, get real clown
      this dime store diagnosis is not working for you!!

    • LC

      Sweetie, perhaps you should take your own advice because if you loved yourself, you wouldn’t care so much about what Beyonce looks like in her photos. I mean really? To critique every detail is pretty pathetic IMO.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    @ Get 100

    Hater? How old are you? It’s my opinion… nothing more.

    What part of silly and needy don’t you understand? I don’t have to know her personally, to form an opinion.

    SHE posted the picture. I formed an opinion based on what SHE showed me. By the way… her dad feels the same way.

    Matthew called her FAKE , GREEDY and NEEDY. Her dad. Think about that, before you go off HALF COCKED next time!

  • Toni

    This just made me wanna watch her VMA performance again….for the 20th time. Idc idc idc beyonce is queen.