Jill Scott has become the latest celebrity to have her privacy invaded by a nude photo leak. Two images appeared on Twitter last night, showing a woman appearing to be Scott taking selfies in front of a bathroom mirror. In one photo, a woman was robbed, and in another a woman had her breasts exposed.

Scott was trending topic on Twitter, and still is as of this morning. Scott did confirm that she was only in one of the photos.

In addition to her privacy being invaded, Scott was also the subject of ridicule when it came to her body. But there were those people online who praised her figure and shot back at the body shamers.

Scott has joined the list of celebrities who have recently had their photos leaked, which prompted an investigation by the FBI and Apple.

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  • jenb

    How many articles are white feminist going to write about the invasion of Jill’s privacy??? Probably none because they are too busy defending Jennifer’s “casting couch” (that’s what those were) photos. Jill is a grown woman, and she can do whatever she wants with her camera and body. The difference in treatment between black women and white women that were hacked, proves again that white womanhood must be protected, while ours is ridiculed.

    • TT

      I think you are making some unfounded assumptions about the JLaw pics.

    • binks

      This! I am so glad you said it. This hacked really does proves who has precedence in the media and who must be protected. You had people on Twitter/blogs going hard for Jennifer Lawrence and had some women wanting to leak their own body pictures in “solidary” for her but in the same breathe had people calling Rihanna and other women on the list all types of names. Even with Jill Scott, peopled are criticizing her body but praising Kate Upton’s body who is shaped like SpongeBob. I don’t get how people can be either/or in this situation, either you stand by these people who was hacked and had their privacy exposed without their knowledge or consent or you don’t. As for this situation, I do think legal actions should be taken place nobody has the right to expose anyone’s private pictures or information but at the same time when it comes to technology and the internet nothing is safe.

  • 1989

    Heartache, thank you for injecting some common sense here. Just b/c info travels over the internet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect it to be safe.

    These hackers broke into phones, which is the fault of the hacker and the tech company that left that security gap.
    If burglar breaks into a home a takes a nice laptop, we want the thief punished. Nobody says “Well, that’s what you get for having a nice laptop at home.