To all of the women NFL fans out there, they don’t deserve your money. Earlier this summer, the NFL handed down a 2-game suspension to Baltimore Raven star Ray Rice after video footage showed him dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator.  Everyone speculated about what happened inside the elevator, but it wasn’t until this morning that people actually got a chance to see.

In leaked video footage obtained by TMZ, you’re able to see what exactly happened that February night in Atlantic City. We will warn you, it is graphic.

Let TMZ tell it, the NFL was fully aware of what went down in the video, before handing down the suspension. Before the suspension, Rice copped a guilty plea to aggravated assault and avoided trial after being accepted into a pretrial intervention program. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has since apologized for what many called a slap on the wrist as punishment for Rice.  Goodell created a domestic violence policy that says if a player is guilty of domestic violence, he will be suspended for six games for the first offense and face a possible life suspension for a second.
Too little, too late.


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