Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

On Wednesday, Missouri legislators passed a law that will now require women to wait 72 hours after consulting with a physician before terminating a pregnancy.

Republican lawmakers overruled the veto of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, who condemned the piece of legislation as “extreme and disrespectful” to women. Nixon argued it made no exceptions for rape or incest cases.

Missouri’s House dominated Gov. Nixon’s veto by a 117-44 vote. In addition, Senators implemented a rare move to halt a Democratic filibuster and completed the veto override by a 23-7 vote, according to Al Jazeera.

Missouri joins Utah and South Dakota as the only three states to require a 72-hour waiting period. However, Utah’s legislation grants exceptions for rape, incest and other circumstances.

Those who support this new legislation refer to it as a 72-hour “reflection period” for women and their families.

“[If] you get a couple of more days to think about this pregnancy, think about where it’s going, you may change your mind,” said Rep. Kathie Conway, a Republican from St. Charles.

Conversely, Rep. Judy Morgan, a Democrat from Kansas City, said, “It’s designed to demean and shame a woman in an effort to change her mind.”

The new legislation will take effect in 30 days.

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  • Me

    i think it’s a good idea. abortions are big decisions that shouldn’t be made hastily. they should also offer free counseling during that period so women can know all their options too.

    • Juliana

      But that is not the intention. That period is probably meant to allow for others to adequately shame and guilt a woman into having the baby or extending the time of pregnancy so she won’t be able to get an abortion.

    • DownSouth Transplant

      @Me, your statement is disingenuous on it’s face, how many other medical procedures and or choices a woman makes do we give her 72 hours to think about their choice. My concern is the assumption all women making the choice somehow need to be educated counseled and given options as a matter of law because God forbid they have already read up on it, thought about it (prayed about it!!)enough and somehow still don’t know the best decision for them at that moment, thus 72 hours will improves their decision making skills and options/choices they pick right after being counselled

  • mo

    Exactly, it obstruction and nothing more. It is to put another barrier there for the women who have the least options to begin with. Why would anyone need a waiting period when they go to get the procedure? To think?
    You think when you have unprotected sex or your birth control fails. You think when you miss your period. You think when you take a pregnancy test. You think when you discuss your options with your partner – or decide not to. You think when you look up the clinic. You think when you get the funds together. Why would I need 72 more arbitrary hours?
    The only reason is because it may be difficult for poor women, who bear the burden of most of these “laws” , to make 2 trips to a clinic that may be many, many miles for them. Women have much more sense than they are insultingly being given credit for with these laws. Abortion should not be taken lightly, but it is up to the individual woman to decide for herself the weight she gives HER decision.

  • MimiLuvs

    Also, there are cases where women are pregnant from rapes. They are now suppose to wait an extra three days, if they live in Missouri.