Photo Credit: NYT

Photo Credit: NYT

New information about the Ebola Virus has emerged and the outlook is not just gloomy, but quite frightening.

The 70.8 percent death rate for those infected with the virus was one of the more grim facts revealed in reports released today in the New England Journal of Medicine and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as a separate assessment by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Discovery News reported:
The CDC report offers the most dire predictions saying that as many as 550,000 to 1.4 million cases of the Ebola virus could emerge in Liberia and Sierra Leone alone, in four months. The CDC calculations are based, in part, on the assumption that cases have been dramatically underreported.

Today marks six months since WHO was notified of an Ebola outbreak in Guinea, although officials estimate that the outbreak actually began nine months ago. A slow response to the disease is partly behind the rapid spread of the outbreak, according to the study’s authors.

So far, more than 5,800 people have been infected with the virus and 2,800 have died from it, according to the WHO’s latest official figures. Since many more deaths have likely gone unreported, the agency’s researchers acknowledge that “the true numbers of cases and deaths are certainly higher.”

The WHO report estimates that the toll could quadruple by the end of October and reach over 20,000 confirmed and suspected cases by Nov. 2. The new cases are expected to break down this way: 5,740 in Guinea, 9,890 in Liberia, and 5,000 in Sierra Leone.

“Without drastic improvements in control measures, the numbers and cases and deaths from are expected to continue increasing from hundreds to thousands per week in coming months,” the researchers said.

In one positive note, the authors write that the outbreaks of Ebola in Senegal and Nigeria have been “pretty much contained,” with no new cases of Ebola for more than 21 days.

See the WHO report here.

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  • I swear this is some biological warfare ‘ish

  • Kam

    That the international community is doing very little should turn some heads. I mean countries dump their food in Africa (which in turn depresses local markets and creates poverty) their used clothes in Africa (which again ruins local markets) but when it comes to providing some medical aid hardly anything is being done. The fact is that Ebola could have a much lower mortality rate if there was better medical equipment for the workers. Obama sent troops, but what about medicines? I mean I was watching a documentary where they had to use a van as both a hearse and an ambulance. They can’t send these folks a real ambulance at least? It’s so obvious how they are content with letting Africans die.

    • Of course. Why would the West and the East want the native people who live on the world’s most abundant resources to survive? Why would they want them to take control and profit on their own God given riches and run the chances of them to ruling the world?