Over the last year, Nicki Minaj has gone from circus clown make-up to looking quite demure with black hair and subtle make-up.  And it’s apparently working for her when it comes to her recent fashion spread with Dazed Magazine. With two separate covers, Minaj is demure in one, and old school vintage vixen in another.

Daze’s autumn/winter issue Minaj is styled as a Stepford Wife, in a tweed Chanel suit, and stern face, while sitting in front of a bologna sandwich. She pretty much has the bored housewife look down to a “t”.

The second cover has Minaj in a vintage styled gold Miu Miu bathing suit and some heeled rain boots. Her make-up is simple, yet elegant and her hair is slightly waved.

Honestly, I’m not quite the fan of Minaj’s music, but I love the way she’s transitioned into looking human.

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