Ciara and Future are allegedly back together again after their recent break-up. TMZ reported that Ciara wants Future to be around to help out with the baby, and she’s willing to work on the relationship and disregard his cheating ways for it.

But could that be a recipe for disaster?

As a child of divorce, I witnessed my parents breaking up and making up for the sake of the kids. But what they failed to realize is that through all of the rigamoro, we still witnessed their tumultuous relationship.  The finger-pointing and arguing had a bigger effect on us than the actual divorce that eventually happened.  It even got to one point where I told my mother, don’t stay with him because of us. We will be just fine with only one parent in the house.

Ciara and Future’s son, Zahir, may be only an infant, but as a child gets older they’re not immune to understanding what’s going on in a relationship.  Maybe this could be a lesson to many women. If you know how a man is before you met him, chances are, he’s not going to change after he’s in your presence. Monogamy wasn’t Future’s strong-suit — and it may never be.

Clutchettes, do you think someone should stay in a relationship just because they have a child together?

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  • Wanda

    Leave a relationship?

    I’m sorry but once you create a human being with another human, you are in a relationship with them indefinitely whether you like it or not.

    What we USED to consider was whether or not we would stay in a marriage for the sake of the children.

    The problem nowadays is that too many folks bring children into something as utterly vague as a “relationship.”

  • Chrissy

    If it is true that she is working things out because of her baby I think she is a little behind on that. There are no guarantees in life and I know alot of people won’t agree with this statement, but the time to think about your child is before you have that child, the time to think about that child is choosing a man that wants to be a father and sees the value of having a family (someone who has multiple children with multiple women probably does not take fatherhood seriously-paying child support does not mean you are raising your seed). I am not saying he does not love his children (I can’t see inside his heart), but a man that is serious about the well being of his children, wants to be there to teach them right from wrong, etc., does not have multiple baby mommas…they just don’t.The time to think about your child is when you make that man prove himself and show you his character before you sleep with him. Women (especially black) don’t realize the power they have before they lay down with a man, the choices they have before procreating with a man……many of us lay down with anything and then try to play momma and daddy which we were never designed to do or try to put together a relationship that was never meant to be. If we would just hold off on sleeping with someone, I promise (every guy is nice in the beginning)the dogs will eliminate themselves because they won’t hang around long especially if they are only after a good time and not building a family.

  • thetruth

    Let’s look at the endless string of single-mother homes in the black community and the resulting social ills because of the epidemic to answer this question.

  • Guy

    What this woman needs to do is find herself a man who can be trustworthy and only be there for her and the child. I get he has rights to see the child but that should be the end of it. It baffles me to a new level of confusion keep trying to have relationships with these type of men who only want one thing. Hold yourself to a high standard and say I’m worthy of love and care and I will not settle for someone who has proven to be a dead beat.