This afternoon I received a text message from a coworker-turned-friend. It read, “I HAD to ask you, what are your thoughts on prenups?” I sat there and gathered my thoughts for a second.

As a teenager in high school, I recalled having this conversation with my dad. I remember saying, “It’s like you’re preparing for divorce before you get married.” Now that I am seven years removed from high school, I have a different viewpoint.

I am a daughter of an entrepreneur. My father is the vice president and founder of a company that specializes in aircraft interior repairs and provides aviation technical manpower (if you ever need your private jet fixed you know who to call lol). I’ve spent countless summers learning the business and seeing first-hand how far his blood, sweat and tears have gotten him. I am his only child, which means at some point I’ll have to run the company or at least advise over the person in charge. It was then I realized I am not against prenuptial agreements.

Often we believe we found the love of our lives. Although, this perhaps is true things do happen. People fall out of love, lines are crossed and things get messy. I would hate for my family to lose a business as a result of a messy divorce.

I replied, “I actually don’t have an issue since my dad has a business that he worked so hard for. I think women get too emotional rather than bringing their demands to the table. A prenup is a contract you BOTH have to agree on so if it comes up make sure the contract is of both interests. For example: if you feel like every five years you should receive an incentive then ask for it.”

Her follow up question was, “Hmmm ok and as for the emotional aspect of it? To put simply do you think that puts bad juju on a relationship? Discussing a future divorce with your future husband?”

I responded, “I use to, but as a business person I understand. If a man is wealthy he has to protect his family assets. I don’t think that means he loves you any less or any more.”

Clutchettes, what’s your take on prenups?

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  • Yeah, I used to think pre-nups didn’t speak well of someone’s relationship. But as friends and family members have gotten married and divorced, I think they’re important to have, esp. if you’re a woman and you make good or serious money.

    I have seen it happen too often to good women, who have worked their butts off and accumulated assets, only to lose them to men who basically lived off of them. Same thing with some guys I know. In my mind, both parties have to bring something to the table.

    Just look at Sherri Shepherd’s situation: I really believe her husband pushed for a child so she could be on the hook for child support for 18 years. He probably never loved her and just waited ’til the right moment to take what she has worked years for. Same thing with Halle’s ex. Yeah, I’m all for pre-nups.

  • I didn’t even read the article, just saw the title. A prenup is A MUST!

  • Primmest Plum

    Prenups are absolutely essential. I see no reason why people should take offense to the notion on any rational basis. It can be beneficial to both parties involved.

  • Deebo

    It’s amazing how many women now support prenups….now that they have more money and it could be their life savings on the line.

  • Lincgrad

    I believe they are necessary, especially with people are waiting longer to get married. I’m in my 30s and my man is in his 40s, I own property, he owns a successful business, it makes sense that we both protect what we had prior to our marriage.