A Philadelphia police officer is breaking the blue wall of silence and has filed a lawsuit against his police department. Brandon Ruff, a sergeant with the Philadelphia police department’s 16th precinct,  filed a lawsuit stating that he was assaulted by 7 officers in Philadelphia’s 35th District when he entered the precinct to anonymously turn in three handguns, reports Philly.com.

According to Ruff, an 8-year veteran with the department, he suffered  “two sprained wrists and two sprained shoulders” and says that the acts were “committed willfully, wantonly, maliciously, intentionally, outrageously, deliberately and/or by conduct so egregious as to shock the conscience.”

From Philly.com:

In his suit, Ruff said a friend asked him to turn in three firearms the friend had bought from neighbors “in a proactive attempt to stop violence.”

Ruff, who was off duty, checked to make sure the guns were unloaded and then drove to the 35th District station at Broad Street and Champlost Avenue. When he arrived at the precinct, he told an officer he wanted to turn in some firearms. The officer asked who owned the guns. Ruff – who refused to identify the owner — said he was turning them in under a “no-questions-asked” policy and asked to speak to a supervisor, the suit states.

But according to a police spokesman, a “no-questions-asked” policy does not exist outside of periodic gun-amnesty programs.

“Can you drop them off like a baby? Typically, no,” said Lt. John Stanford, a department spokesman. “That’s only done when we do buybacks.”

After a supervisor failed to appear, another officer demanded to see Ruff’s identification. He told her that he didn’t have a state ID on him but had his work ID instead. Ruff asked to make a phone call outside the building. As he walked out, someone shouted, “There he is,” the suit states. Another officer came up behind Ruff and twisted his right hand behind his back. More than five officers ran to the scene. At that point, Ruff used a code number to identify himself as a fellow officer and said that his ID was in his pocket, according to the suit.

Ruff also stated that he was threatened with a taser and held for 6 hours.  Ruff is currently under investigation by Internal Affairs in connection with the incident.

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  • Me

    wait. why is he under investigation? plus i think it’s stupid not to let folks turn in guns outside of buy backs. that’s motivating folks to leave them on the streets just so they don’t end up harassed by cops.

  • Anthony

    This is promising because as a policeman himself, Officer Ruff ought to be able to cut through the crap and call out the abuse.

    • I was unable to respond directly to your response to my comment, so I’ll have to respond here :)

      You know personally of undercover black officers who’ve been beaten or shot while undercover by other cops???

    • This new comment section will be the death of me! I’ve tried about 20 times to post the following and continuously got errors!

      I see. What a sad state of affairs; and you still have the willfully ignorant who will argue until they are blue in the face about racism being non-existent in America.

  • I guess even brown cops, who are supposed to be protected by the blue line, are still “just another ni66a” when they are in plain clothes.

    • Anthony

      That is very true. In fact, one of the most dangerous things a black person can do is work undercover. I know of several instances of black officers being beaten or shot while undercover.

    • sweetli30

      This is so true. Black cops, especially if undercover or in plainclothes are not immune from this type of treatment.

      I remember back in NY, where this black cop who had just come off duty and was in plain clothes was shot dead by a white cop.

      That’s why black cops (at least in NY) have the Guardians Association to look out for black officers on the force.

  • Dee

    i’m confused, why didn’t he identify himself as a cop as soon as he entered the station? as a cop shouldn’t he have know that you can’t turn in guns at anytime? was he held for six hours after he identified himself as a cop?

  • Anthony

    @Knotty Natural, no I don’t know any personally. I have read news reports of that sort thing happening.