While the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral, a former Marine thought it was a good idea to challenge Black men to pull up their pants.

Malik King says that sagging pants on Black men is not only a bad reflection upon themselves, but also provides the police an excuse to racially profile a person.

King and Marc Lamont Hill got into a heated debate on CNN, with Hill rallying against the challenge. “[This video] suggests…that somehow there’s a connection between black male profiling and [sagging pants,]” Hill said. Hill also said it’s a form of victim blaming to even suggest that because of someone’s attire, that they’ll automatically be harassed by the police. Hill also suggested that sagging pants is something that every Black man grows out of eventually.

But King and Tara Setmayer, a conservative Blaze TV host, both said that sagging pants did play a role when it comes to being profiled by cops.

Setmayer also said that Hill’s argument against pulling up sagging pants suggests that a larger problem exists among Black people.

What both of these people fail to realize is that, sure, sagging pants is unattractive, but a cop will also harass a Black man wearing a three piece suit.

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  • vintage3000

    “Hill also suggested that sagging pants is something that every Black man grows out of eventually.”

    Aside from the very real topic of racial profiling, Hill makes it sound like it’s a rite of passage for every Black boy to learn how to pull up their pants. It’s so embarrassing this is even an issue to begin with.

    • MusiKCityK

      I think that this being an issue is more of a reflection of society to ostracize everything in our community. We don’t discuss the grunge phase many white kids go through during high school as they deal with their teenage angst. I am over respectability politics as it just diverts attention away from real issues.

    • vintage3000

      I am over the term “respectability politics” as an excuse to forego personal responsibility and self respect.

      White teenage angst is not the same as Black males who are unable to pull up their pants. All white teens have to do is take a bath and they can get a job. Where I am in Brooklyn, sagging pants (often with the pants bagged around the crotch to the point where the guy has to walk straddle legged, often butt cracks exposed) is not a phase nor a fashion statement, and is only part of a larger collective problem that NEEDS to be ostracized. Which btw, ass crack showing is not part of my community, maybe it is with yours. There is no other demographic that glamorizes a trend that started in prison, and the attitude that ‘they will grow out of it’ is not only incorrect it dismisses where this ignorance is coming from, and what it regresses into.

      And guess what-we SHOULD be able to address more than one issue at a time. Smart human beings can do that.

  • Afrostyling

    Please pull up your fucking pants. On Monday i saw a man whose pants were at his ankles. What the hell?