A real estate agent has created their picture perfect version of Bedstuy, Brooklyn. And of course, it’s lily white. Real estate agent Robert Earl’s brochure is trying to get more restaurants into the area of 1347 to 1361 Fulton Street, according to Brokelyn Magazine.  So he basically took an etch-a-sketch and made like there’s not one single black person in the area. Yay for gentrification! And people wonder why Spike Lee goes all the way off when he talks about how Brooklyn is changing.

From Brokelyn:

The brochure was brought to everyone’s attention by the Daily News, who talked to the retail tenantsalong the strip in question, who had no idea they were going to get pushed out. Pushed out for what exactly? Some kind of six-storefront monstrosity that becomes “THE destination place in BedStuy [sic] for foodies and unique shops.”

Which is all well and good (it’s not well and good at all), but the brochure, which seeks to “bring the neighborhood together on an artisanal plane” has three pictures of humans. Not one of these humans being used to hype up investment in this historically black neighborhood that has “tough streets immortalized in the hip-hop genre” is a black person. This is not Robert Earl’s first time at the awful rodeo; a different News story pegs him as the broker advertising East New York as “the next frontier.

Good-bye, Brooklyn.

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