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I’m a little skeptical on creating this post as there seems to be a dark cloud surrounding the creator of this technique. Now, don’t get me wrong…the technique seems to be super solid, but sometimes the creators of great ideas or works can cast doubt on their creations when they falter or harm others.

Apparently, the creator of “The Crown & Glory Method” was also the creator of the Grow Afro Hair Long hair products. Robin Woods” seems to have been the creator but I’ve never heard of her nor heard of her products. Either way they were good or so some who actually received any of them would say but it seems she was not good on follow-through and more were dissatisfied with her service more than her products. With an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, numerous complaints, and many threads with angry customers, it seems it was too much for “Robin” and her site, no longer exists.

Trying to find information on this woman, the products or the technique proved to be difficult. Many followers have their own version of it and try to link back to her site for others to see the whole method but, alas, it does not exist. Problem? Yes, but with the many who have shared their version of this technique, one can gather the gist. Any technique that promises to grow your hair longer and more luscious than by regular means always raises an eyebrow but with so many jumping on the bandwagon we need to at least check it out.

What is the Crown and Glory Method?.
This method is growing and maintaining healthy hair while braided or twisted to longer lengths than normally possible for kinkier textured hair. There is a cycle of braided or twisted hair for a few months for braids or a few weeks for twists. After that you leave your hair loose for two weeks to two months and then back to the twisted or braided regimen. While in the braided or twisted state you must treat your hair quite differently than when it’s in the loose state. Of course there is (and should always be) room for modification according to your hair’s needs and your schedule. Never feel that any technique cannot be tailored to your liking.

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  • Never heard of this woman or technique, but from the information provided in this article I don’t see anything revolutionary about how to care for one’s hair while in braids. Maybe when she publicized the method, this wasn’t common knowledge. From what I understand, women with braids or twists (and possibly weave) use these same techniques to care for their hair while in protective styles that use added hair.

    • CAsweetface

      Right, I dont understand what is revolutionary about this nor have I heard about any of this stuff in my life.

  • Geniilove

    This is how I (and all women I know that wear braids) have done it for years. braid, cleanse, take down, rest real hair, re-braid….repeat.

    ::sidebar:: I just got a disclaimer saying I was posting too quickly and to slow down…umm this is my first post in days…maybe weeks…

  • Aloena

    I can attest that Robin is indeed the creator of this method. I use to visit her site daily about 6 – 10 years ago. Not sure what happened to it. When I tried to re-visit it last year I was disappointed to see that it had vanished. I have screen shots on a old PC that I may rehash and share on a forum for those that are interested in reading the actual source.

  • Im sorry to hear about Robin’s troubles. She was in the hair growth game years ago when I first went natural and I used to get her leave in conditioner, it was a very good product. I wish her the best and I hope she is able to restart her business and maintain a better reputation in the future.