Two Jewish men from Crown Heights, Brooklyn have been arrested and charged with a hate crime after attacking an elderly black man.  The 56-year-old man reportedly was walking his dog Saturday in Brooklyn. According to police, the suspects punched the man several times in the face and used racial slurs.

A DNAInfo report said prosecutors alleged that the suspects called the man a n***** while saying “this is my dog” during the attack.

Samuel Brendler, 21, and Ahrone Kofkase, 22, were charged with assault as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon. DNAInfo reported that the men are from Israel and was visiting Brooklyn.

The suspects were ordered held on $5,000 bail at arraignment, according to published reports.

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  • OMG!!! I was lost in Brooklyn last year and ended up in the Hasidic Jewish section. That was the first time in 27 years I have EVER been called the N-word before. This little 12 yr old looking boy pointed at us in the car and screamed “[email protected]#$RS!!!”. I was beyond disturbed.
    Hhhmmm, Israel vs Palestine….both sides look down on us. I’m just mad so much of my hard earned tax dollars are going to protect people like that who supposedly worship my God.

    • Anthony

      It appears that the Orthodox are shameless in their hate in way that it is really out of step with the rest of the country. People love to say talk about black folks having entitlement and a victim mentality, but the Hasidic community in Brooklyn seems to have those in issues in spades (pun not intended.)

    • constance

      Delia, your comment saddens me. I am also 27 and I grew up in the Crown Heights area where you were harassed. I have never had any negative interactions with the jews. I have also been in other jewish neighborhoods in NYC and have had nothing happen to me. I really do not know what is wrong with people, except you have to be taught to hate and if the boy was as young as you say then he probably learned it from his parents.

    • Apple

      “Never again…” Except for you

  • Anthony

    Hate crimes committed by Orthodox Jews, especially in Crown Heights seems to be under the radar. These issues go back to the disturbances in that neighborhood during the Dinkins administration. We all know that if young black men were attacking older white men while using racial slurs, the NY Post would be all over it, and bond would be more like $500,000 or $5,000,000 instead of a measly $5,000! The idea that these men are not even Americans, but visitors from Israel, and they feel free to attack an American is even more disgusting. It is also a reflection of the growth of racist attitudes within Israel. These men need to be deported after serving a prison sentence, and place on a list of foreigners to be denied future entry to the USA, assuming they do not already hold dual US/Israeli citizenship.

    Attitudes like this among white New Yorkers is why the police feel free to act the way they do.

    This posting too quickly, slow down glitch is annoying as hell!

  • Anon

    Not to take away from the seriousness of the story but how is 56 considered elderly?

    • Anthony

      I’m fifty-four and still very strong, but I have nowhere near the quickness of a man in his twenties, let alone two men I their twenties.

    • MommieDearest


      I was thinking the same thing!!! Shoot if that’s the case then I need to stock up on Geritol and purchase a walker in a few years.

  • Trust they will serve not a day in jail. As soon as they make bail they are being sent back to Israel.

  • Richard C Brown

    If,guilty Prosecute them.Deport them
    “end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.