Gaines was wearing his UCLA uniform at the time of the arrest (Photo via Carl Douglas)

Gaines was wearing his UCLA uniform at the time of the arrest (Photo via Carl Douglas)

Racial profiling just won’t end.

Not too long after police racially profiled filmmaker Charles Belk, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) employee reveals he too was a victim of racial profiling.

Last Wednesday night, Claudius E. Gaines III was arrested by campus police on Strathmore Drive. Gaines was allegedly apprehended for obstruction and resisting arrest. After being detained, he was issued a citation.

According to Carl Douglas, Gaines attorney, officers had no reason to stop the UCLA employee. He affirms his client was wearing a UCLA uniform in addition to his identity badge.

“This is a 46-year-old father of three who’s never been arrested, and now he will have this arrest on his record for the rest of his life,” Douglas said. “He did nothing wrong.”

UCLA released a statement disputing Gaines account. As stated in the report, Gaines declined to comply with campus officials. The statement goes on to say, “Officers then asked him to get out of the car, a request Mr. Gaines again repeatedly refused, escalating the situation and leading to his arrest for obstructing and resisting an officer.”

This is not the first time UCLA’s campus police have been accused of racial profiling. In July, UCLA resolved a legal settlement with Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge David Cunningham III. The judge stated he was mistreated and profiled by campus officials during a traffic stop. As a result the university agreed to pay $500,000, including $350,000 for scholarships as well as provide additional training to officers.

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