Following the shooting of Mike Brown, last month during a St. Louis County Council meeting an 11-year-old boy voiced his thoughts on the underlying issues affecting Ferguson and its community members.

Marquis Govan, who was neatly dressed in a white dress shirt, tie and slacks, approached the mic and said, “I would like to say that the people of Ferguson, I believe, don’t need teargas thrown at them. I believe they need jobs. I believe the people of Ferguson, they don’t need to be hit with batons. What they need is people to be investing in their businesses.”

Govan continued to school the city’s council telling them they are paying attention to the wrong things. The preteen believes the city should focus on the real issues that have yet to be solved versus the looting and the people’s response to the deep racial and economic issues.

Councilwoman Hazel Erby, who has been part of the city’s only county council for more than 10 years and knows Govan’s family, agrees with his analysis of Ferguson.

Most recently, CBS news sat down with the young man, who is wise beyond his age. Check out the video below.

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